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Tags: #product-design #business #building-a-software-product
Published: 2019-04-21

Building a Software Product: Introduction

You may have an idea in your head for a software based product. A web app, a subscription based service, maybe a mobile app, a new spin on social networking or all of the above. Who doesn't? Maybe you have even created a sketch on the back of a napkin and kicked it around with some friends. Now you want to get serious and take it to the next level.

Now what?

Over the next few weeks we plan on trying to answer that question with a series of articles that touch on each part of the process as you try and bring this idea to fruition. We are going to cover things like designing a mockup, vetting your product, building a business model, the different stages of raising capital, hiring a team and what to expect post launch.

The goal with this series is to share some of the wealth of knowledge we have gathered over the years through helping clients build and launch products. We seek to provide a roadmap for what can be an intimidating journey and try to fill in some of the knowledge gaps that exist with entrepreneurs as they venture out into the uncharted territory of product development.